Blogging at Vermont Fest

Getting on Board with Blogging Presentation for VermontFest 2005


Audio Blogging

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Audio Blogging is easy.

Blog while traveling across the U.S. on a bike. Blog from the road.

Check out the directions at:

Here are some notes Helen created for her class:

Things to remember when audioblogging: visit

1. The first step is to log in. Use the same user name and password that you used on your blog. Then enter a phone number with zip code and a four digit ID pin number. You are now logged on and have created a user profile. You will now click on the home key.

2. The next step is to start audioblogging now. The important thing to remember is that you must choose the appropriate blog (use the toggle) in which you would like to insert sound.

3. You will need to call the number: 415 – 856 – 0205. Then a voice will come on that will instruct you to enter your phone number, (including your area code) and to press 1 if it is OK. Then you will be instructed to enter your pin number with a pound sign at the end. Once these steps are completed, the voice will tell you to begin recording after the tone (which is a rather funny sound).

4. After recording, you will press the pound key. Once again you will hear a voice instructing you to press 1 if you would like to make another post. It will tell you to press 2 if you would like to listen to your recording. It will tell you to press 3 if you would like to re-record. The instructions for pressing 1 were very confusing to me at first. If you press 1, the voice will tell you to press one again if you wish to make another post. Each post may be up to five minutes in duration. It will tell you to press 2 if you wish to hang up. The voice will then tell you that if you are satisfied with your post, you may hang up.

5. If you wish to post another sound byte to your blog at a later time, you will need to repeat the process.

More exciting news… There is always more to learn and this time a student taught me how…

I had taught my students how to edit their audio posts by date so that each audio posting would appear after their written post. One of my students thought that there might be a more efficient way to do this. Through trial and error, he learned that if you sign on to the blog and choose the blog you wish to work on, you will come to a page that allows you to edit your post. You can click on the toggle button next to your written post in order to verify that this is the posting in which you wish to insert your sound. Then go back to your audioblog and click on the toggle that says edit post. Next, click on the edit html. tab. Copy this text and then click on edit post. Go to the posting you wish to edit, click on edit html. again, and paste the html. code at the bottom of your written work. My student told me one does not need to worry about spacing although I did skip two spaces. Save your changes and voilá, your audioblog will be incorporated directly into your written posting making it appear neater and better organized. One last thing you need to remember is go back to your original audioblog by clicking on edit posts and delete it. You don’t want two audioblogs with the same message.