Blogging at Vermont Fest

Getting on Board with Blogging Presentation for VermontFest 2005


Concurrent Workshop - Thursday Overview


Our plans for the Concurrent Workshop are to be ready to cover the topics listed above, but mostly be driven by the topics that most interest the group. The session will be lead by Lucie deLaBruere (who has been exploring blogging as a tool for several years) and Helen Poulin (a classroom teacher who started using blogs in her Spanish classes last year). An hour session with a room full of people won’t allow us to cover it all. But this blog will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the topics in further depth. Although a blog is not a great presentation tool, I experimented with transferring my PowerPoint presentation to this format so that I could model the features and experience of blogging. In the last post of this blog, I will add some thoughts about how this worked (or didn’t work). But for now….. on with the show.