Blogging at Vermont Fest

Getting on Board with Blogging Presentation for VermontFest 2005


Getting on Board with Blogging

Presented by Lucie deLaBruere, Tech Integration Specialist
St. Albans City School

Hands-on Session- Wednesday Nov 2
6:00 - 8:00 p.m

Concurrent Sessions Thursday Nov 3 Session 1
9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m (Gateway 1)

Session Description:

2004 was The Year of the Blog.
Merriam-Webster said "blog" headed the list of most looked-up terms on its site during 2004.
Both blog creation and Blog Readership have experienced macro growth, with over 14 million blogs inexistence, and that number doubling every 5.5 months.

What are blogs? How can they be used in education? and How does one create a blog? This session will include strategies for working with text, images, sound, and video in the world of blogging. We will also feature projects from Vermont schools currently using blogs.

This Blog Format

This Blog was set up to model some features of blogging during the presentation. It will include some links and brief notes that might be handy references for those who attend. Over the next few days I'll add some sound clips to accompant the notes for those who were unable to attend.

Hands on Workshop

We're sitting here at the Killington Grand learning how to blog. Snow covered mountains were a beautiful site amongst the foliage driving down to VermontFest. Now we're ready to roll up our sleeve and give this blogging thing a try. The workshop has 5 enthusiastic learners from different parts of Vermont. This entry was made DURING the hands on session to demonstrates how to make a Blog entry. When we got here there was only 1 entry in this blog. Each of us got to add a comment, then create our own blog. Lucie tells us that tomorow this blog will be filled with her notes from tomorrow's session.